Open Source design bicycles

How to get yours:


Buy the bicycle

Soon we will be offering our own manufactured bicycles. And also you´ll be able to opt from a list of manufacturers worldwide producing our designs.


the bicycle frame

...and some other additional specific components needed. As you already have the frame, there is no need to do machining and welding. Just assembling.


or Build it from scratch !

...using the drawings as a reference. We are releasing the drawings under a Creative Commons license, so everyone can manufacture our designs.

open source resources

The bicycle frame design is our innovation core. The rest are standard bicycle components (wheels, chain, seat, brakes, etc) you can find anywhere, brand new or used, with a wide range of quality and price that you may choose from. You need to find by separate all those parts needed to complete your bicycle. And then you can assemble it by your own or you can even get help from a bike shop.

Creative Commons License

Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). You are free to share and adapt our bicycle designs for any purpose, even commercially. However, you must give credit to the author (by citing our name), and distribute the derived work under identical conditions (this same license).


Our design work achieves new concepts starting from the basic bicycle technology. Innovation is based on the relationship with people.
Just simple products solving everyday problems.
(Only Duetta is available at the moment)

About Us

We believe that the bicycle is the real transport solution. It improves equity, integration and health, while reducing city traffic and pollution.

We are sharing our bicycle designs under a Creative Commons license. We are willing to collaborate with commercial firms that could manufacture and distribute the products. And the users community contributes by creating better solutions.

For easy implementation all over the world, we rely on the basic bicycle technology, which is simple, cheap and easily available.

The roden bicycle designs were created by Sentidosdesign

roden team

From Argentina to the world !

Indalecio Sabbioni

Indalecio Sabbioni


From Saladillo, Bs As. Industrial Designer, FADU UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Also designing helicopters for Cicaré S.A.

Mariano D’Agostino

Mariano D’Agostino

Executive MBA

IAE Business School. UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Engineer working on the energy regulation field. Full time reader.


Who is supporting us

Do you want to manufacture and sell bicycles based on our designs?

We can collaborate and share our experience so to bring more bikes to the streets !
We are offering new bicycle concepts, and you have the resources to make them happen.
Just download the drawings and start producing and selling.
And please consider a donation or sponsorship to support our work,
so we can keep on developing and offering our designs for free.

Contact Us

We want to hear from you !

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We are launching roden!

Open Source innovative design bikes. Soon we will be offering our own manufactured bicycles. And also you´ll be able to opt from a list of […]